Keratoconus Cornea

I work for an Eye Doctor in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Today we had an interesting case with a patient we’ve been seeing for two months, and his prescription has changed significantly each time we’ve seen ┬áhim. This prompted the optometrist to send him in for a corneal topography to check for keratoconus cornea. This condition causes the cornea to bulge in certain areas and prevents the cornea from maintaining any sort of regular shape. The continuously changing shape of the cornea prevents the light passing through to have erratic refraction. And these erratic refractions lead to inconsistent readings through the phoropter.

What I found fascinating is that there is a very simple, non-invasive albeit non-permanent solution to the issue. The optometrist can place a rigid contact lens over the irregular shaped cornea. There is a fluid that goes between the lens and the cornea, and this will create a smooth refracting surface for light to pass though again, and allow for a proper and more accurate correction. I will be interested to see how our patient fares with this course of treatment.

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